Andreas Husi — Sculpture — Raumbild (consult LEO for «Raum» and «Bild»…)spacerde en

:::...July 2014...:::

New studio

I'm working in a new studio in St. Margrethen, Industriestrasse 3.


Visitors are very welcome. In order to meet me there, please arrange by e-mail or telephone — thank you.

:::...May 2014...:::

Group show with painter Susann Keller, Goldach
again at Gostomundo's Pantry in St. Gallen (their website with opening times) from May 2nd through May 31st.

:::...May 2012...:::

Group show with painter Susann Keller, Goldach
at Gostomundo's Pantry in St. Gallen (their website) (pictures)

:::...March 2011...:::

Participation in «*5ünfstern offene künstlerateliers» (fivestar open artists' studios) in the Cantons of AI-AR-SG-TG.

I kept my studio in Rheineck and my storage room in Thal open to the public during this event.

On both locations together we had 57 visitors. My wife Paula was present in the storage room, and myself in the studio. We enjoyed many interesting conversations and would like to thank everybody. See you all again!

Special thanks to 5ünfstern's entire crew! The whole huge thing is a fantastic idea, and it could only be pulled off because you each did such a wonderful job. Hats off! However, in 2014 I'll pass – two locations is just a bit too much to manage, and space is too limited in my studio to keep all my stones there, too!

:::...May 2009...:::

Mid-May 2009, my sculptures «Zum Wasser» (roughly: «About Water») III & IV have been placed on the banks of the Old Rhine near the landing stage and the new Marina Rheinhof.


Stein IV aus Osten gesehen


Die Gruppe aus Südwesten gesehen